I'm Bucky Grant, and I want to imagine a better world with the queerest and best people, and then make it with them.

I use he/hir/hirs and they/them/theirs pronouns, and I'm 23 years old.

Check out the links below for more about my work and what I'm doing, and find my social media at the icons above.


Likes || enjoying right now

gay and trans stuff
critical analysis
utopian and dystopian literature
video games that don't stress me out :)

Homestuck and fancontent/fanventures
Steven Universe
The Penumbra Podcast
...other assorted gay stuff that I'll add as i remember

Dislikes || not my bag

homophobia and transphobia (includes TERFs - fuck off)
racism and bigoted behavior
entitlement to dictate someone else's fandom experience

Homestuck^2 / the Epilogues
MCU (i have had my past with it and enjoy it but it exhausts me now)